Philosophy Statement

Jubilee College International (JCI) is firmly committed to fulfilling the mission of Jubilee International Ministries. The foundations of our mission and philosophy are fixed on the infallible and uncompromising Word of God, which is the final authority for all decisions. As we educate, we strive for excellence in the development of Christ-like character and performance by molding hearts and minds according to the living Word of God.

JCI is distinctly Christian in community, curriculum, character, and conviction. We reflect God’s nature and further His kingdom by loving and serving students and families who possess a wide range of skills and abilities and are from diverse economic and cultural backgrounds.

JCI functions in a Spirit-filled atmosphere with vibrant worship, operational prophetic gifts, passionate evangelism and a focused, active effort to heal personal, family and generational wounds and hurts.

We believe, teach and practice the following core values:

  • Discipleship to reproduce Christ-like character
  • Godly relationships with authority, family, and peers
  • Servant-based leadership
  • A global vision that every nation should and will serve God
  • Life-long love of learning


  • The goal of all instruction is to know and reveal God. All knowledge is given to know and understand the ways of God. Therefore, in the process of learning, students shall see God, love God, and understand that He is the source of all knowledge.
  • Every student shall develop and maintain an intimate relationship with God which produces purity of heart, a clear conscience, and sincerity of faith. (1Tim 1:5)
  • The imperishable, unchangeable, inerrant Word of God is foundational to all instruction and more than adequately equips each student in mind, soul and body to affect change in their lives, their families, and their world. Therefore, each student shall develop a deep knowledge and understanding of the Word of God.
  • Education is not merely increasing knowledge and information. Education, or the educational process, is not an end in itself; it is a means to the end, which is an intimate relationship with God. The purpose of biblical education is to cause the worship of Him who is the Creator of all things. Therefore, all students will be passionate worshippers of God.
  • Each student shall know that true identity, destiny and legacy are defined by a relationship with Christ. Therefore, each student will develop and maintain a lifestyle that is both a continuous pursuit and a constant discovering of who and what Christ has called them to be.
  • Each student shall be Christ-like in character, integrity, and attitude and shall display Christ-likeness as dedicated family members, productive citizens, and valuable leaders in their work, in their churches, and in their communities. They shall embrace and practice justice, mercy and peacemaking in their daily lives.
  • Students shall be well-able to defend the Christian faith in thought, word, and deed.
  • Students will develop, possess and nurture a God-given creativity that allows them to be culturally relevant and actively engaged in their world.
  • No matter what path they ultimately choose, graduates will have a solid foundation upon which to build a life and ministry of service, full of the Spirit of God. They shall understand, value, and engage in appropriate social and civic activities.
  • Students will be living, breathing witnesses to the quality of biblical education and to the enduring value of living life as a committed Christian.
  • Students shall be well prepared in all academic disciplines and skilled in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and critical thinking.
  • Students will have a knowledge, understanding and respect of and for people, events, and movements in history and the cultures of other peoples and places. Each student should have a critical appreciation of the languages and cultures of other peoples, dispelling prejudice, promoting unity, encouraging hospitality, and promoting an open/honest exchange of ideas.
  • Each student will develop an appreciation for the bible and expressions of worship through literature and the arts, and understand how they express and shape their beliefs and values.
  • Students shall know how to utilize and steward resources to find, analyze, and evaluate information. Each student shall become a life-long learner to develop and the skills to question, solve problems and make wise decisions.
  • Students will understand that diligent study and hard work have dignity and are necessary for success.