Degree Information

JCI currently offers degree programs in the following areas. Each degree is ecclesiastical in nature and should be applied as such. Degrees will be awarded when all degree plan requirements are met and all program fees are paid in full. Degrees will be received in the mail or at the annual graduation.


  • Christian Ministry Certificate – [1 year or minimum of 44 completed semester hours]
  • Associate of Practical Theology – [2 years or minimum of 82 completed semester hours]
  • Bachelor of Ministry – [3 years and completion of the total 122 semester hour program]


There are several ways to earn credit toward a degree at JCI. Students will be evaluated as to how much credit they can be awarded.

  • TRANSFER CREDIT JCI will accept in transfer many completed courses passed at reputable, authorized, or accredited institutions. These courses will be evaluated and recorded on the official transcript. When possible they will be applied to courses required for a specific degree.
  • PRIOR LEARNING CREDIT JCI awards credit for seminars and workshops attended through work or church.
  • PROFICIENCY CREDIT If a student feels he already possesses a particular skill that is taught in a required course, he may request a “Proficiency Test” for that particular course. When he passes the test and submits the appropriate fees, the grade will be recorded on his permanent transcript. In certain situations, life or ministry experience may be awarded as proficiency credit.
  • COURSE WORK A. CLASSROOM STUDY: Courses may be taken on campus at JCI or approved courses may be taken at another comparable institution. B. INDEPENDENT STUDY: Provides the opportunity to take courses in the privacy of one’s home and to operate at one’s own pace.
  • IN-MINISTRY TRAINING OR APPLIED LEADRSHIP CREDIT In certain courses of study, practicum is required. Such training is evaluated, graded, and credited to a student’s transcript as coursework.


Three letter prefix signifies subject area (i.e. BIB = Biblical studies division).


First numeral shows academic level of course as follows:

  • 100 level = first level course
  • 200 level = second level course
  • 300 level = third level course
  • 400 level = fourth level course
  • 000 level = applied or directed study


Second and third numerals show identification number of a course within its division as follows:
BIB 101 = first year, course number one in Biblical Studies division
[Title: Old Testament Survey]


  • BIB = Biblical Studies
  • CLF = Christian Life
  • GED = General Education
  • HIS = History and Humanities
  • LAN = Language
  • MIN = Ministry
  • MUS = Music
  • THE = Theology and Doctrine