Affiliation and Accreditation

Jubilee College International (JCI) is authorized by the State Board of Independent Colleges and Universities to operate under Chapter 246.083 of the Florida Statutes. As such, JCI is authorized to grant the degrees it awards.
JCI currently operates as an independent, ecclesiastical, training program in affiliation with the Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). The U.S. Department of Education recognizes the ABHE as an official accrediting body for Bible Colleges. JCI plans to be fully accredited with ABHE and recognized by the U.S. Department of Education in the future. In this light, our coursework and instructional methods may certainly be regarded as highly scrutinized, quality, preparatory education.

Accreditation is primarily designed to:

    • assure that an institution has met established standards of excellence
    • assist prospective students in identifying reputable institutions which offers degree programs that will meet their needs and goals
    • allow institutions to evaluate the acceptability of transfer credits into their own curricula or programs

Students should realistically consider the meaning and value of accreditation as it may apply to their needs. Students should know if accreditation is important and significant in reaching their educational goals. If accreditation is valuable to a student, he or she should thoroughly research the accrediting body that covers the institution to ensure the accrediting body is a reputable organization itself. If the U.S. Department of Education does not recognize an “accredited” institution, that institution is perceptibly not accredited.

Credits and degrees earned from colleges in the State of Florida which are authorized by the State Board of Independent Colleges and Universities do not automatically qualify the holder for teaching certification nor do they qualify them to participate in professional licensing examinations. Any person interested in obtaining a teaching certificate or practicing a regulated profession should contact the appropriate regulatory agency in the field of his interest.

Transferability of credits earned at Jubilee College International and student transfer to another institution comes at the discretion of the receiving institution.